3 Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

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Improving your conversion rate for your business can be tricky. Many businesses struggle to improve their rate and allow their business to flourish online. However, there are definitely techniques that you can utilize that will help you improve the rate. Let’s take a look at some of these techniques and how they can help your conversion rate improve.


Look at Your Website Design

Having a user-friendly website is imperative. Nothing drives away sales like having a website that is hard to navigate. People who are not computer friendly may end up finding another website to shop on that is easier to navigate. You want to ensure that your website is easy to navigate. The shopping cart and checkout buttons should be large enough that they can be identified from anywhere on the site.

Make Checkout as Simple as Possible

Checkouts need to be as simple as possible. Frustrated customers will end up giving up on their checkout if there are too many hurdles to cross. Your sales can increase drastically if you don’t require your customers to make an account. However, there still needs to be ways to properly verify your customers without being burdensome. Address verification is a major step that should be taken at all times.

There are also many benefits to having address verification in place during the checkout process, for both yourself and your customers. Try to focus on keeping checkout balanced instead of overburdening your customers by forcing them to sign up for things they do not want.


Creating specials on a website is a great way to improve conversion rates. Seasonal offers are some great ways to add more items to your customers’ shopping baskets during the holidays. You want to find ways to incentivize customers to shop more without being too obvious. Always think of creative specials that you can run to improve your conversion rate.

Many businesses become frustrated when they are not able to improve their numbers for their online storefront. However, it takes time in order to build a loyal customer base that only chooses your business to shop at. Using these techniques will help improve your conversion rate overall. The key is to not force anything on customers and let them organically purchase more. Proper website design is also a crucial component as well. Combine these techniques together for optimal success.

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