The Importance of Your Brand Tagline

Nov 5, 2018Branding0 comments

Many start-ups and small business owners have a tendency to overlook the power of their tagline as they work through brand development.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself in that position before, you’re starting a new business, you know you need a logo, and you know you need to define your mission, vision and goals, but do you REALLY need a tagline?

Here are a few reasons the tagline is important:

  1. A good tagline brings clarity to the mind of consumers.
    This is especially important if your brand image/name/logo doesn’t clearly define who you are and what you do. Consumers don’t want to have to think too hard, or dig to figure out what it is you do.  By having a clear tagline that expresses key features, benefits, or values of your brand, you’re able to strategically position yourself in the mind of prospects quickly.
  2. A good tagline will differentiate you from competitors.
    This can be especially important if you’re a local business with lots of competitors nearby, you may choose to develop a tagline that plays to your unique selling point. This will articulate quickly to prospects how you’re different and why they should choose you over your competitor.
  3. A good tagline can help build brand recognition.
    Often this is the case when we hear a commercial on the tv or radio, and a brand’s jingle includes their tagline. That tagline is easy to recall, especially when you have a need for a product or service that brand offers. A catchy tagline helps make a deeper impression in the minds of prospects, making it easier to recall your business as an option when they need you.

Once you’ve developed the perfect tagline for your business, you’ve got to determine where to use it, and how to use it effectively.  Here are a few places your tagline will make an impact among consumers.

  1. Your website.
    Your tagline should be prominent on your website. When users land on your site, they want to quickly gain an understanding of who you are and what you do.
  2. Your business card.
    Whether it’s at a networking event or standing in line for coffee, you’ll encounter people in your day to day life that could benefit from your business. In those scenarios, you, along with your business card, make a first impression on that individual. Include your tagline to maximize that first impression.
  3. Include it in your email signature.
    By including your brand tagline in your email signature, you’re further instilling your brand’s mission, values, or differentiation in all your digital communications.
  4. Put it on the wall in your retail shop or office space.
    By keeping it at the forefront of your physical location, your tagline will be a constant reminder to both your customers and your team of what your brand stands for.
  5. Use it on your social media profiles.
    Social media is an amazing platform that allows brands to quickly expand their reach. By including your tagline on all your social profiles, you’re building a stronger brand image and maintaining brand continuity among multiple channels.


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