Modern Marketing: It’s Not About One Thing

Sep 5, 2018Marketing0 comments

In the modern marketing world, there is not one thing at is going to set you apart from your competition.  Back in the day, you would get by just having your name in the yellow pages, but those days are long gone. To be successful in the modern marketing world you need to have a website, social media presence (and not just Facebook), email lists, SEO, lead generation and a host of other industry-specific things.  That’s just on the digital side, you also need branding and print materials like also need logos, business cards. Once you have done all of that, then you need to look at running ads, and campaigns, YouTube videos, and even TV and Radio ads.

This does seem like a lot and to be honest, it is.

For the longest time business owners have always done their own marketing.  Sure when all you had to do once a year was update your listing in the yellow pages it was easy, but now there is a lot that goes into it.   As a professional marketer with formal education in marketing and business, part of my week is still dedicated to knowing what is new and what is trending. I, and our team doe this, so that we can make sure we are always in the know, and it is important to have all of your resources at your disposal, also the day that we stop doing this, starts us down the path of becoming irrelevant. Keeping up with the changes is part of the job of working in modern marketing.

Most people do not go into business with the objective of being amazing at marketing.

Most business owners think that their product or service is better than the competition and that alone will bring in the customers. Eventually, that is the goal, but the biggest challenge I hear people talking about is, if only I could talk to more people. If you are anything like most of the businesses we work with, you have an amazing product or service, but your problem is not enough people know about you, so the goal is to get the word out, because once it is, then you will have more new and repeat customers. That’s what we do best, our team of professionals stays on top of the new trends, we are always trying to learn new things we make sure that we keep on top the current trends.

You’re great at running your business and doing what you do, we are great at marketing. We do our thing so that you can do your thing.


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