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We all know first impressions can be awkward, and most definitely are when you’re not prepared.  Just like the individual that goes to a job interview without the necessary skillset, or the blind date that goes horribly wrong, first impressions are no different in the world of social media.  You must consider your audience of followers as well as your audience of newcomers to be effective on social media.  You can’t assume that everyone knows who you are, and what you’re about.  To be effective, you have to have a strategy to communicate via social media.  Here are a few tips to amp up your strategy.

Seize the opportunity.

While we most definitely believe in having a plan, social media scheduling, and the execution of that plan, don’t let opportunity pass by just because it wasn’t on the “official” schedule.  Social media is a fast-paced world with instantaneous communication.  If someone engages with you, has a question, or sparks a community conversation that pertains to your brand or services, SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY!

Use photos and videos.

If don’t want your content to drown in the crashing waves of social media, use visual content.  Words alone aren’t enough.  You have to grab the attention of the one scrolling through their news feed, and you have milliseconds to do it.  Pictures and video can help set the tone and mood for the words you’re conveying.

Don’t be timid.

Staying quiet and behind the scenes will only cause you to lose in the world of social media.  You and/or your brand MUST use your voice.  Jump in on the conversations, give it all you’ve got.  Give your audience what they expect and deserve – be real!

Social media is a wonderful tool that should be utilized effectively.  Don’t be afraid to get out and use it!


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